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Dalian Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd.-China's professional manufacturer and supplier of petroleum instruments.

As a professional manufacturer—Dalian Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd. continuously draws on the valuable development experience of internationally renowned instrument manufacturers, closely follows the development of petroleum instruments, and manufactures classic and standard instruments, modern automation instruments and traces with exquisite design and reliable quality for customers at home and abroad. Quick test instruments.

As a professional supplier-Dalian Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd. has a constantly improving pre-sales and after-sales management system, which includes a product file management system that connects the manufacturing status of the product with the status of the customer's use of the product and life-long maintenance. Demand technical support team.

As a professional manufacturer and professional supplier, Dalian Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd. continuously improves itself for customers. From the manufacturing and supply to the user's life cycle of the instrument, the product quality management system, environmental protection and safety management system are always used to implement the entire process of product development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance, creating greater benefits for customers.

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